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Vaccines have saved millions of lives, protecting us from life-threatening diseases, from polio to measles to COVID-19.

But in recent years, a small but growing group of science deniers and conspiracy theorists have organized a dangerous anti-vaccine movement. The anti-vaxxers defy vaccination requirements, attack vaccination sites, and spread misinformation — risking the resurgence of diseases and undermining the U.S. effort to control the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It’s time to stand up to the anti-vaxxers and speak out for pro-science public health policy. The pro-vaccine majority is joining together to protect our communities. Sign up today to join us!

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By the numbers

254.2 M
are now part of the pro-vaccine majority
of fully vaccinated have received a vaccine booster
less likely to be hospitalized compared to the unvaccinated

Looking for information on how to get vaccinated?

Visit for information about your state or contact your health care provider. Protect US is a nonprofit organization working to encourage Americans to get vaccinated and support investments in public health.  We are not a health care provider.